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If you’ve got any news about Test Drive Unlimited 2 and want to get it out there, this is the perfect opportunity for you. It could be anything about TDU2 and I mean anything. If you have some awesome photos, an insane video or some exclusive information you can give it to us. If I consider it to be suitable for this blog, I will either write a post about it OR hand the reins over to you and let you write the post.

You have to remember we won’t let any old trash onto this blog, so only the best of news or blog posts you send me will make it to the final print. So there’s no point making a post about old news. If you want to send some news this way, send a message in the form below.

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If you find some interesting news and link it to me and I like it, I will most likely write a post about it. But, if you want to write about it you can. Once you’ve written the blog post, send me the whole post and I will review it. Once it’s been review, I will make an account for you to publish the post. Why would you do this? Well, you will be able to link to websites, including your own! But, remember not to abuse this power.

If you got any questions, use the contact me form. Now, get reporting!