Money making guide [Video]

If you’ve completed all of the challenges, spent all of your money and don’t know what to do now, it could seem almost impossible to get more money. But thankfully, thanks to , here is a wonderful guide on how to make money quickly on Test Drive Unlimited 2. He does three methods of making money; Casino, FRIMing and repeating a single race – showing how much he made on each in a 20 minute period. Here’s the video:

$205,000 for 20 minutes work isn’t too bad, but grinding away for that length of time might get a bit boring. I think I’ll give all of them a go – but the repeating looks the best option! What’s your favourite method? Leave a comment.

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2 Responses

  1. 1 unu
    2011 Jun 22

    Make a guide on how to not buy this sorry excuse of a game.

  2. 2 Anthony V.
    2011 Jul 03

    Lol I did all that stuff before seeing the video…i made like $10 mil…I’m so desperate for cash haha

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