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Sorry for the lack of posts – I’m currently doing my exams! Anyway, I’ve got a very interesting post for you all today. In short, the Exploration Pack is definitely still coming and it hasn’t been dropped or canned or binned or anything.

How do I know this? Well, as you may have seen, I contacted GMDestra a while back asking for an update, but sadly he was unable to give me any details. Despite this, I emailed him again, to see if he could updates us once more. Perhaps unsurprisingly he said he no longer was related to TDU2 and had been “transitioned to a completely different project” – not looking good. But, he did manage to give me another email, this time for the Social Media Manager for TDU2. (considering the fact Erik Reynolds never replied to me)

So, on a limb, I thought I’d drop this guy an email hoping for the best. I asked the standard question:

can you confirm that the patches for Xbox 360 have or have not been sent to Microsoft & Sony for approval?

And although he didn’t directly answer this question he did say in his reply:

I can however tell you that the DLC Exploration Pack is definitely coming.

Then later reiterated:

I can confirm the patch is still coming

The powerful words of ‘definitely’ and ‘confirm’ were refreshing to hear after all of the TDU2 rumours that have been hurled around in recent weeks. So then, we can finally put to bed the rumour that Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been dropped by Atari, which is pretty good to know. However, we still don’t have a date for the patch, so I guess patience is the key still – if you have any left!

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10 Responses

  1. 1 O_360_G
    2011 Jun 21

    You my good source of tdu2 info are a wonder! Your persistence is awesome!

  2. 2 Josh
    2011 Jun 21

    No problem my friend! Use Twitter and Facebook to get this info out to the people that want to know!

  3. 3 David Nadal
    2011 Jun 22

    Well this is interesting. I’m sure we’d all love to get DLC1 up and on your consoles but ATARI need to approach their attitudes to staff and people a little better. You know redundancies have a massive impact on peoples lives and to make them at the crucial point in the release of a game like TDU2 is beyond offensive.

    Until ATARI make positive and effective steps to address the concerns of the Eden employees I would imagine any future DLC releases for TDU2 will be long time in coming

  4. 4 Dominic
    2011 Jun 23

    Wow! Nice to see they haven’t forgot about us, console players… Hope this means we will still have eventually the “motorbikes”! Can’t wait to put my hands on that charger R/T!

  5. 5 SpartanEdge
    2011 Jun 24

    Hell,I’d just be happy to be able to SELL cars.Ya know,like you can in just about EVERY other racing game out there!.. We shouldnt even be waiting for this in a ‘Pack’.It should’ve been put out in a minor patch ages ago.Or,heavens forbid,been something you could’ve done from day one,as part of the ‘Finished?’ product.Its criminal,the state this game was released in.thats all i can really say about this game.Shame,because these bugs & glitches are ruining what should be a great game..

  6. 6 arran
    2011 Jun 25

    has anyone realised they will not give a realese date because it is going to be a long long time away atari need to sort out there act as test drive 1 has more cars and bikes which are not available on ps3 yet anyway. think its about time they pulled there finger out, and for those who say well redundancies which cause this to be delayed but the delay has caused the redundancie as they could of released the patch and more cars on dlc to purchase as i have bought 8 and would like more even if i have to pay for them i would. but if they dont bring a release date out that has a date within 3months for the update then i hope they go bankrupt, as rubbish technical support and customer information will always cause problems, never mind how much they actually messed up whilst making the game what they should do is get some decent game designers who know what they are doing to make the game, then you wont need all the patches

  7. 7 o.s.
    2011 Jun 28

    I’m willing to believe you but I do not trust Atari anymore.

  8. 8 Bobby G
    2011 Jul 01

    I agree with arran. There’s no release date because it probably going to be a long time. If they had any idea of a rough release date for DLC1 on consoles, they would pencil it in and delay it if needed. They would do this just to give the few people still interested in this game some good news and hope for the future of this racing title.

    Since the employee you contacted couldn’t confirm it was ever sent to Microsoft and Sony for approval, it most likely hasn’t. I bet they’re telling them to send it in for approval when it’s ready which it clearly isn’t.

  9. 9 Anthony V.
    2011 Jul 03

    How far in the near future??? I gotta get me this stuff, I love the game, but it does have alot of glitches, WHICH I LOVE :D Hope it comes some time soon :)

  10. 10 Josh
    2011 Jul 03

    @Anthony V. Check this one out, http://tdu2.co.uk/blog/dlc1-exploration-pack-still-coming-its-official/ . Still ‘soon’.

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