On the 21st of June I told you that the DLC1 Exploration Pack was definitely coming – then later I said the official announcement would come on Monday the 27th. Unfortunately, I was wrong with that one, but it did eventually come – today. Here is the official announcement.

Now, officially, not just on my word, the rumour mill can stop turning. We now know for official that the game hasn’t been dropped and the DLC1 is still coming. More interesting though is this:

The team up at Eden is working around the clock

Eden themselves are still working on the game. Now with a more concentrated team presumably. It’s nice to know that Atari have kept them on board. Hopefully both companies have learnt from their mistakes and will communicate more with their customers. More importantly though, hopefully the DLC1 will be coming as soon as possible.

But, we do have to remember, there is still no date on it. Could we get back into another cycle of the ‘Classic Atari Soon‘? I sure hope not. I’ll try to keep you as up to date with what’s going on during this time of rapid commencement. (Ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have jinxed it!)

What do you guys think?

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3 Responses

  1. 1 o.s.
    2011 Jul 01

    No official release date in the news, so I will wait until I can press the Load button on my console. If I can wait until then… Anyway, game can’t be resold, nobody wants to buy it even for less than 10 Euros :(

  2. 2 Mathieu
    2011 Jul 01

    Hahaha If theres still working on it,what were they working on for the past months?? WOW,i juste CANT beleive how they think were stupid,who the fuck do they think they are?
    The ONLY reason why i havent sold my game is because its worth NOTHING!! And i paid a full price for that crappy game.
    Firs of all they launch a game that is NOT ready,they dont work on it to fix it,they dont give us(the buyers,the people who give them a job)any information,they constently lie to us,cmon an approval for a patch?? Really,whos stupid enough to beleive that,its pretty clear to me that the only thing they wanted is our money!!
    And now they cant even tell us when its gonna come out? That company is broken and i will NEVER buy a game from them again,what ever the title!! You wanna mess with us? We will fuck you up!!
    To everyone whos seeing this:DONT BUY TDU3: If it ever comes out,there gonna do the same thing they just did to us,steal our money and give us the worst racing game possible!!

  3. 3 Dark3nd Av3ng3r
    2011 Jul 10

    I saw it on the TDU 2 site a couple of days ago. Nice to know somethings FINALLY being done about it. And in response to Mathieu, the game was ready to be launched. They didn’t expect the amount of server activity that they got. Quite a few people enjoyed the first and bought the second (myself included). They already patched several issues up so don’t say they weren’t working on fixing the issues. And the patch DOES need to be approved by Microsoft before it can be issued out to the public. As for a release date, people are already frustrated with Atari and Eden as it is, setting yet another release date could be problematic should more setbacks occur. All of this is clear to those of us over the age of 17 with working brain cells.

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