Classic Atari ‘soon’

Soon. The favourite word of Atari I think. With the last patch back in March we were constantly told, it’ll be released soon. And again we have been told the current patch will be released soon. Personally, I would appreciate a bit more contact from GMDestra, or in fact, anyone at Atari, keeping us in the loop with what is going on and a more precise definition of soon; a week, a month, two months, six months?

Yes, I do know that patches need to be tested, retested and tested once again, but surely there must be a time scale on these? I think we all appreciate that during testing, new problems occur and then add another few days (or weeks) to the time scale, but couln’t we know that? I think it would be nice to have an approximate date, then be told regularly how things are going. So tell us if a new problem has been found and how much time it will add. Yes, I’m sure this is a bit optimistic and in reality programmers won’t want to be doing this and in fact, most of us would prefer them to get on with it, but it’s just an idea.

I guess the good thing is that we know that Atari are getting on with making the patch that will significantly improve the game and, like before, we will just have to be patient. If you don’t know already, check out what will be in the next patch.

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  1. 1 JohnnyBNL
    2011 May 03

    Eden Games does not have the man power to get it all done in time. I’m already happy they din’t release the game September 2010, that could have been the biggest mistake in history of Eden Games. I hope Eden Games will make TDU3 more acceptable, more support, more press releases, more DLC’s.. We want to know what is going on, don’t keep us in the dark!

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