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One of our readers, Reece Hutchinson sent us one of his car designs. Here it is.

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To the upset of nearly everyone, when we were told that we were not getting Lamborghini’s in game, we not pleased. Well, someone, somewhere has managed to get one. It hasn’t been confirmed how they have got it, but, it is highly likely, if not definitely a hack. Below is a couple of screen shots of the allusive car. Read the rest of this entry »

Whether this guy has been too close to a nuclear power plant, is a ghost or really needs a sunny holiday, he’s been spotted in the airport glowing white, so perhaps he is heading off for his holiday now?

This guy was spotted by SensibleSulfur and he luckily got a snap of him for us all to see. If you’ve got some funny photos in Test Drive Unlimited 2, we would love to see them, send them to us with Your TDU2 News.



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