All wrecked car locations

A while ago I made a post about the location of the wrecked cars. I posted that before I even had the game so wasn’t aware of the magnitude of the number of wrecked cars. Below is 6 youtube videos, listing the location of all of the wrecked cars in all all 6 locations on both Islands.

Ibiza 1

Ibiza 2

Hawaii 1

Hawaii 2

Hawaii 3

Hawaii 4

There we go! Thanks to Jack Colley for this find!

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6 Responses

  1. 1 Wrecked car locations [Spoiler] | Test Drive Unlimited 2 Blog
    2011 Feb 16

    [...] See the updated TDU 2 Wrecked Car Locations. [...]

  2. 2 Lard
    2011 Feb 25

    Very helpful nice job.
    now got all the wreck cars they are great.
    Thanks for taking all the time to find them

  3. 3 d^_^b
    2011 Mar 05

    I’ve only started but I find it very useful.
    Thx 4 taking all time to find ‘em. In future Ill try 2 help :D

  4. 4 Robbo
    2011 Jun 02

    Very helpful, found them easily, thanks a lot :)

  5. 5 bony
    2011 Jun 13

    get xbox its better then ps3 and it has better grathics

  6. 6 Tom
    2011 Aug 27

    one car is missing, there is also a dodge charger

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